Kakhara Pre-School Welcome to About us Shaping your childs' future from every aspect.. With Love & Care We nurture your kids More About Courses We've classes as per your child's need along with highly qualified education experts and counselors.

We nurture your kid

Early childhood development (ECD) has for a long time been given less importance than it deserves. Care of young children has not been given enough attention, especially within the family and home. We’re here to care.

Daycare Program

Kakhara provides the best in day care and early childhood education for children of busy parents as well. We offer childcare programs including before and after school programs. For children it is healthy, safe, engaging, and fun.

Precautions & Sanitization

The COVID-19 pandemic presents tremendous challenges for preschool education. Most of our students attending preschool program enjoy remote education to replace the lost of in-person experiences. 

The Best Preschool For Your Beloved Child

A pre-school is the first experience of your child away from you. It can be taunting, pressuring, and scary process which needs a lot of courage to implement. To ensure that this ultimate transition from home to school is a smooth process, we at Kakhara preschool teach students with the best Early Childhood Education (ECE ) Program.

While your little bundle of joy is taking the first step in this new world, we ensure that he or she is not the only one. The proficient, logical, and skilled team from Kakhara has specialized in making learning fun. We not only inspire your children to excel in academics but also in the real world too.

Visit School

Parents can arrange appointment for Kakhara school tour. Know more about us before visit..

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Why Khakhara?

According to the desire and tendency of ones child, impeccable pre-planning helps to blossom them at a greater height. 

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Experienced Faculties

Our Teachers welcome your child to be a part of Kakhara family and see them play, learn and grow from every aspect like in your home.

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Our Team

Neesha Neupane


Umanath Niroula

Managing Director

What Our Parents Say About Kakhara?

  • What I liked the best about Kakhara is the friendly nature of the teachers to both parents and the students. The pre-school is very practical about their teaching method whereby the students could connect their learning with the extra-curricular activities on a regular basis. Alongside, the school would provide healthy lunch to our children which has so far been one of the best qualities of the school from my point of view, and we always rested assured about the health of our children while they were at Kakhara.

    Mr. Purna Prasad Rimal
    Father of Aaron Rimal
  • Kakhara was an institution with a very friendly environment and supportive management. I still remember to this day that it was my daughter’s first day at pre-school, and she enjoyed it there so much that she didn’t want to go back home. And the following years throughout her pre-schooling days, there wasn’t a day we had any trouble taking her to school.

    Mrs. Sapana Kafle
    Mother of Parnika Rijal 
  • Kakhara provides the best of services for our children. However, the food that Kakhara serves our pre-schoolers is one of the healthiest and hygienic foods provided to the kindergartners. And I proudly say that unlike other parents’ experience with their kids asking for food once they get home, my son came home with a happy face and doesn’t nag for junk foods and all. I believe Kakhara has done its best in providing the quality education with quality services for the children.

    Mrs. Ambika K.C.
    Parent of 1st Grade Student
  • During my son’s enrollment from Nursery to U.K.G. at Kakhara, I experienced a very familiar environment. I was never worried about leaving my kids to the school’s responsibility during the period. The caring nature of the teachers, and even the driver were so good that I wished Kakhara had Primary level classes too.

    Mrs. Rani K. Mallik
    Mother of Samyak Labh 
  • After having gone through the earthquake, the first thing that I was looking for in my kid’s pre-school was the Infrastructure. Without a doubt, infrastructure was what got my attention at Kakhara Pre-School firsthand. Alongside, I being a working parent, the feasible time at Kakhara was also an additional point. Moreover, the foods that Kakhara provided for our kids was very healthy, and the teachers were very friendly and caring in nature. I also happily recommended Kakhara in my friends’ circle out of satisfaction.

    Mrs. Diksha Koirala
    Mother of Manasweeni Raut 
  • The teachers at Kakhara Pre-School are very caring in nature and friendly with our children too. Also, the school premises and the infrastructures is very feasible for the children where they do not get hurt while playing and so on. At Kakhara, children get to celebrate every little occasions and festivals which is a crucial part in their learning and development apart from the basic schooling aspects. I can pretty much assure you that my son had the best childhood days at Kakhara.

    Mrs. Samjhana Karki
    Mother of Sakshyam Pandit