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The Best Preschool For Your Beloved Child

A pre-school is the first experience of your child away from you. It can be taunting, pressuring, and scary process which needs a lot of courage to implement. To ensure that this ultimate transition from home to school is a smooth process, we at Kakhara preschool teach students with the best Early Childhood Education (ECE ) Program.

While your little bundle of joy is taking the first step in this new world, we ensure that he or she is not the only one. The proficient, logical, and skilled team from Kakhara has specialized in making learning fun. We not only inspire your children to excel in academics but also in the real world too.

Why Us?

Teach your kids from the experienced and practised tutors from Kakhara preschool. 

Kakhara Specialty

Give your child a fun experience, safe learning, and engaging course.

We nurture your Childs' future

Give your child a fun experience, safe learning, and engaging course.

Kakhara Preschool Philosophy

Many of the responsible parents wonder, “Which is the best preschool for my kid? How safe, hygienic, and dependable is the playschool near me? Will they be alright in the absence of me? Kakhara preschool thrives on with the philosophy to put “Child First.”

In this new era of education, we have developed a mindful curriculum that promotes children to play, learn, and grow to grasp the necessary skills through discovery and exploration. An experienced team in Kakhara has designed games, toys, the latest technology to make learning more engaging, enjoyable, and exciting. Furthermore, we prioritize the collaboration between parents and the little ones to enhance the well-being and development of their relationship.

Technology Enabled Classroom with 21st Century Learning Design

Kakhara focuses on your child growth from academic as well as life skills aspect with ICT enabled hybrid teaching learning methodologies. Kakhara Preschool redefines approach to provide education. Give your child the best education, care, food, skills through Kakhara preschool. Kakhara Preschool is the best choice for your children to learn academic and extracurricular activities. Kakhara preschool is pioneer of ECE programs.


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