Reasons to choose us..

Why Kakhara?

we prepare your kids to present themselves in this simple yet complex world

At Kakhara preschool, we are redefining the approach to provide education to your kids. We work deliberately to bring out your child’s innate potential as every kid is unique in their own way. According to the desire and tendency of ones child, impeccable pre-planning helps to blossom them at a greater height. 

Not only we assist them in their academic field, but there are also certain indoor and outdoor games, sports, cultural programs that boost their confidence and make them self-reliant. Your children are safe both physically and mentally in Kakhara preschool. 

Apart from education, we prepare your kids to present themselves in this simple yet complex world to become supreme leaders. Unlike other preschools, we believe that location plays a pivotal role in shaping young children.

A place where there is no noise, pollution and is accustomed to greenery, brings out the best versions, interest, and passion in oneself. With that in mind, Kakhara owns a leasehold property at Manohara Town Planning, Lokanthali, Bhaktapur. 

Keeping your child’s safety at first, the buildings of this school is earthquake resistant. Along with that, we have specified classroom, baby care, restrooms, dining hall, laboratory room, playground, dancing, and playing room to meet the interest of any child studying right under our roof.

Hygienic Food With Proper Diets

  • Hygienic Food With Proper Diets We at Kakhara provide kids with proper diets recommended by professional dieticians.
  • The foods are finely chosen from organic fields and are presented extravagantly in their tables.
  • There is a clean and safe separate cooking area along with a dining hall.

Surveillance from Parents

  • Surveillance from Parents Our latest technology has led parents to connect us directly via Kakhara apps.
  • Also, parents can watch what their little ones are doing live from their smartphone.
  • Therefore your kid stays under your watch when he/she is learning new things in Kakhara preschool.

Parental Involvement

  • Parents are the first teacher of kids. With that in mind, we organize a program for parents to volunteer once a month for a couple of hours.
  • We encourage parents to connect with the children with hands-on activities, classroom chores, storytelling reading and many more.
  • Virtual as well as physical meetings with parents.

After Care School

  • For busy parents, we deliberately provide the facility to take care of their little ones after school.
  • While they are away, kids are involved in a fun, creative curriculums and essential supplement classes.
  • More importantly, kids are given extra snacks for extra school hours.

Holiday Camps

  • We indulge young children in extracurricular activities during their long school holidays and vacation.
  • The camps are designed in such a way that young ones will explore, learn and discover new things.
  • Even more, we organize several tutorial classes to hone their skills and interest.

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • At Kakhara, we motivate each kid to grow different hobbies and interests by introducing extra-curricular activities.
  • Young children enjoy field trips, horse riding, yoga, exercises, singing, dancing, swimming, drawing that are prepped by our experienced tutors.
  • We do collaborate with schools from around the globe to facilitate interaction between our class and make our students a global learners.